BlueFit Swimming Returns in August!

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We are excited to announce that BlueFit Swimming lessons will be returning on 24th August 2020 for Port Macquarie!

We know the kids will be excited to have swimming lessons return just as much as our teachers! To ensure the health and safety of staff and customers there are a number of measures now in place for our program.

Drop off:

For students over the age of 10, drop off points have been set up to allow parents to wait in their car during lessons. Parents will still be expected to remain on-site and collect their child at the conclusion of the lesson.
When attending the facility there are clear demarcations on the floor to help with social distancing measures.
To reduce numbers within the facility we ask that squad swimmers are dropped off picked up for their training sessions.

Once in the facility it’s important we maintain a hygienic environment:

Hand sanitiser has been placed throughout the centre including all entrances.
Where possible please avoid touching surfaces such are counters, doors and turnstiles and follow appropriate hand hygiene when using the facility.
To ensure social distancing while watching the lesson we’ve reduced available seating.
Change rooms are not available during this time.
Swim lessons may look a little different, but we will continue to deliver safe and high-quality lessons.

We will be implementing different teaching methods to protect our students and teachers:

  • We have made slight modifications to our teaching techniques to protect our students and teachers. This includes using a doll when demonstrating activities and skills during infants classes.
  • Reduced equipment within infant & preschool lessons to increase student safety.
  • Only performing manual manipulation in the water when it is safe for both students and teachers
  • Ensuring teachers instruct from the side or behind the student to reduce face to face contact.
  • Replacing hi 5’s with the Bluey Bump at the conclusion of the lesson.
  • To reduce equipment sharing we now have BlueFit Swimming Kickboards, Swim Caps and goggles available for purchase on the BlueFit Swimming website and in the facility.

How you can help:

  • 1 parent per child for spectating: During this period we ask that where possible, only students and one guardian attend the facility.
  • Please come dressed for your lesson: ensure you have warm clothes for when you exit the pool. We recommend a robe, hoodie, trackies, warm slippers or ugg boots and a beanie.
  • BlueFit Swimming students have free access to the pools every day during the week: This amazing benefit continues but in line with government restrictions, only limited numbers of patrons are allowed in the pools at one time. Please check your facility website for their casual swimming policy.

We’re ready when you are!

  • If you or your child is unwell please do not attend the facility.
  • We have updated our makeup policy to allow 12 makeups per calendar year, simply login to the parent portal to mark your absence.
  • If you aren’t ready to resume your lessons just yet that’s ok too, simply cancel your enrolment through the parent portal.

For more information on BlueFit Swimming’s new measures view the video below and visit here.

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