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Wondering where you can find a great swimming school in the Port Macquarie or Hastings areas? BlueFit is the answer! BlueFit swimming school at Port Macquarie-Hastings Pools caters to swimmers of all ages and abilities. The Learn to Swim program is offered to Port Macquarie-Hastings children of varying levels, with infant, school-aged and adolescent classes being available.

At the infant level, your little one will be introduced to water-based play, developing their confidence in the water. School-aged children will start learning techniques like breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly or freestyle, starting to become independent in the water. Adolescent classes cater to both beginners and more advanced swimmers, with your child being placed in a group that suits them best.

Swimming is an essential skill for all children, but especially those living in a coastal area like Port Macquarie, Hastings and surrounding areas. By taking BlueFit classes, your child will develop a sense of water safety, stay active and get to socialise with other children. Classes also run throughout the school holidays, making them a great way to keep your child busy during the break.

Why should I learn with BlueFit?

  • Our lessons are very reasonably priced

  • Class sizes are kept small to allow for personalised instruction

  • Make up classes are offered if you ever miss a class

  • You’ll receive free access to Port Macquarie Hastings Pools outside of lessons

  • Family swimmers can access multi-child and multi-lesson discounts

  • Clear progression from babies through to swim club and squad – swimming is a lifelong journey!

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Experience Our
Learn to Swim Program Today

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Try our adult swimming classes

Are you instead looking for adults’ swimming classes that suit your abilities? Whether you’re a complete beginner or a more advanced swimmer looking to refine your skills, BlueFit’s adult lessons are the perfect fit for you! Our fully qualified coaches and instructors work with you no matter what stage of your journey you are at. It’s never too late to learn and develop your fitness!

Special needs students will also be able to enjoy tailored, one-on-one swimming lessons with BlueFit. Students will then be integrated into group classes once they are confident and comfortable enough to do so.

Whether you need swimming classes for your child, a loved one or yourself, now’s the time to book with BlueFit. 

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